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Stunning purple coral seafan earrings stand out on any skin tone! The perfect gift for every mermaid and eco jewelry lover! Each pair is handmade in Bermuda from cruelty free seafan coral that's only found, never harvested.

- Cruelty free seafan set in high gloss bio resin
- Surgical steel lever back earring
- 1/2" Diameter (12.7mm)
- Matching sets available
- Available in all La Garza Collections
- Arrives gift wrapped with information cards relating to your purchase


From the La Garza Gorgonian Lace Collection

These treasures are handcrafted in my seaside studio in St. George Bermuda.
Cruelty free, this seafan was not harvested but found washed ashore. I found a seafan washed up on the beach one blustery day when I had just started making resin jewellery and so this collection was born. I have searched the web again and again only to find nothing like this perfectly preserved collection. These pieces will be created using seafan collected post Hurricane Fay & Gonzalo 2014.

5% of this purchase is donated to programs and organisations that raise awareness or funds for reef education and conservation.

The Gorgonia ventalina purple seafan is a species of coral found on reefs in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean. It feeds on zooplankton by extending eight tentacles from each of its polyps and orienting itself in the sea current's path to catch the tiny organisms as they flow past. Its tissues contain a symbiotic dinoflagellate, which is photosynthetic and uses sunlight to create organic compounds that are then able to host the coral.

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