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These cute, colorful drop earrings are made from sea plastics. Petite size and secure lever back style is great for any age. Upcycled plastic jewelry helps take plastics out of the ocean and draw awareness to a global crisis that requires everyone's attention.

- Your choice of any single color
- Sea plastics sealed in high gloss bio resin
- Surgical steel lever back style earring
- 1/4" Diameter (6.35mm)
- Matching sets available
- Arrives with Plastisea Collection information


From the La Garza Plastisea Collection

These treasures are handcrafted in my seaside studio in St. George, Bermuda.

These unusual upcycled pieces are created using tiny flecks of plastic found on the beach here in Bermuda. I am always out picking up litter when exploring and these tiny plastics can be found on almost any shore. Ocean plastics are harmful to marine life and toxins from them are making its way back through the food chain around the world. I wanted to show that sea plastics can be just as beautiful as sea glass which is used so extensively in art and jewelry.

Mixed Collection Color Themes:
"Flamingo Mint" - Mints, Pinks and Reds
"Tropica" - Oranges, Purples and Pinks
"Shallow Seas" - Teals, Mints, Greens and Blues
"Island Cliffside" - Yellows, Grays, Navy, Teals and Turquoises
"Seaside Bermudiana" - Purples, Greens and Teals

Single Color Themes:
"Lighthouse"- Reds
"Sunnyside" - Yellows
"Sunset" - Oranges
"Bermudiana" - Purples
"Mintage" - Mints
"Limes" - Lime Greens
"Palm Blades" - Deep Greens
"Bermuda Blue" - Blues
"Sailor" - Navy Blues
"Bermuda Sands" - Pinks
"Clouded" - Whites
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