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Invasive Lionfish fin set in bio resin, preserving the rich colors and delicate fin details. Perfect for the eco jewelry lover and awareness advocate! What better way to start a conversation about the damage lionfish are causing reefs throughout the Atlantic?!

- Lionfish comb as shown
- Matching sets available
- Invasive Lionfish Fin set in bio resin
- Arrives gift wrapped with information cards relating to your purchase


From the La Garza Pterois Collection

These treasures are handcrafted in my seaside studio in St. George Bermuda. It took me a long process of trail and error to perfect preserving these delicate fins but after a year, it finally paid off.

Pterois is a genus of venomous marine fish, more commonly known as lionfish. Though native to the Indo Pacific, due to the pet trade industry, lionfish have become an invasive species in the Atlantic. Two species are found here in Bermuda, Pterois volitans and Pterois miles. There are several groups involved in raising awareness and implementing an aggressive lionfish management program to help protect Bermuda’s marine ecosystem. 5% of this purchase is donated toward efforts to find a long term solution for lionfish population control. The fins are first dehydrated and then set in bio resin or dipped multiple times. We use the nonvenomous fins in most of our jewelry but where spines are used, they are no longer dangerous.

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