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These rich ivory toned pendants stand out on any skin tone. From one of the only sustainable coral collections in the world. The perfect gift for an eco fashionista.

- Ivory coral set in bio resin
- 1.5" (38mm) in length
- Textured front surface
- Matching sets available
- Available in all La Garza collections
- Arrives gift wrapped with information cards relating to your purchase


From the La Garza Surculus Collection

These treasures are handcrafted in my breezy seaside studio in St. George, Bermuda.

Most coral used in jewelry is harvested from live corals. There is no "sustainable harvest" of corals with the threats our oceans face. The coral used for our jewelry has all broken off the reef naturally and harvested from our sand.

Bermuda is a low-lying archipelago located in the mid- Atlantic, 640 miles off the eastern United States. Colonized 400 years ago, it is best known for making up the northern apex of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda’s famous pink sand seems to illuminate entire beaches but on closer inspection, the sand is crushed white limestone, coral and shells, speckled with pink grains.

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