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The perfect Bermuda gift, these Bermuda Holiday Ornaments are made from our famous pink sand set in resin. Preserving every fine detail just as it washes up on our south shore beaches, it's the perfect momento year round and on the Christmas tree!

- Made from Bermuda pink sand set in high gloss bio resin
- Measures 3.5" in length (AC Hydrofoil boat is longer)
- Includes wire tree hook
- One of 5 classic ornaments - Bermuda Fitted Dinghy, AC Hyrofoil, Seastar, Turtle, Seahorse, Shell - Giant seastars available in another listing
- Choose one type or an assortment of your choice
- Arrives gift wrapped with information related to your purchase


From the La Garza Coast & Holiday Collections
These treasures are handcrafted in my seaside studio in St. George Bermuda.
Bermuda is a low-lying archipelago located in the mid- Atlantic, 640 miles off the eastern United States. Colonized 400 years ago, it is best known for making up the northern apex of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda’s famous pink sand seems to illuminate entire beaches but on closer inspection, the sand is crushed white limestone, coral and shells, speckled with pink grains. These grains are the shells of single celled marine organisms called Foraminifera (or “Forams” for short). The red foraminifera species found in Bermuda, grows abundantly on the undersides of coral ledges. Tidal forces and waves wash the shells ashore that have broken off the nearby reef. Forams are not considered animals because they don’t divide into multiple cells; however, they are not classified as plants because they don’t photosynthesize like plants and algae. As a result, they are classified separately from both plants and animals in a group called protists.

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