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This statement humpback whale silhouette necklace is hand cut, carved and crafted from the endemic Bermuda cedar.

- Oil sealed
- 3.5" wide
- Stainless steel chains or black cord available
- Make it match it with Bermuda cedar earrings
- Arrives gift wrapped with information cards relating to your purchase!


From The La Garza Ocean Vet & Juniperus Collection

Ocean Vet:

Dedicated to the legend, Neil Burnie, 10% of this collection will be donated to his foundation.

Handcrafted from Bermuda cedar in my breezy seaside studio in St. George, Bermuda.

A somewhat rare wood in a global context, this evergreen endemic to Bermuda was once one of the most dominant species on the island. 95% of the population was wiped out by scale insects between the mid 1940's and 1978.

During the days of early settlers, cedar provided food, medicine, fire and shelter. The timber was used extensively in building for land and sea, famed for its rot and insect resistance, entrancing aroma, durability and slight weight. The speed and maneuverability of which Bermudian ships were prized for was due in part to the qualities of Bermuda Cedar. In an effort to conserve the remaining population, the Bermuda Cedar is no longer milled.

Sought after for its rich hue by many local artisans, the remains of our once lush cedar forests continue to be fashioned into furniture, jewellery and sculptures. In an attempt to preserve this biological and cultural treasure, 5% of the cedar collection sales are donated toward their cultivation.
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