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Visit 30% OFF code:FIFA2023.They were more friendly and way faster on buy fifa 23 coins. His position at Brighton is as secure as can be, but this represents an opportunity to work with some of world football's most talented players, and Potter would be the perfect man to have at the helm. If EA dont get Napoli as partners for Fifa 22, dont scan them, then lose them for Fifa 23 as they will be exclusive to PES, it will be the absolute dumbest thing theyve ever done.

If thats a custom i agree its poor, but a poor custom is better than a generic! I like signing Immobile for that reason, before i couldnt.

It's what the forum is about and it's great we all check for these updates and scans


I scored Jack Grealish as my loan item [confirming that Team 2 rumour!] and Thibaut Courtois in the 85+ pack, so it’s worth taking 30 seconds to log in, even if you only plan to use the spare card as SBC fodder.

Kit clashes are not as easy to spot pre-game as they're selected in a different menu. According to leaks – the English fifth division, the Vanarama National League, will be featuring in FIFA 23!

As mentioned, this is huge for fans of career mode as now you have a total of five different English leagues to try and conquer on your road to Premier League glory. It makes zero sense that PES does this every year with their partnered clubs and EA for some reason does not


A total of 48 teams will square off throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for FIFA's 23rd World Cup event.

The Starheads are a big disappointment

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This is the second time that I buy fifa 23 coins for sale

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