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The Essential Guide to Life on Earth? +Virology 101

We spend countless hours learning things that ultimately aren't much value to us and it seems like subjects that are paramount to our survival get glossed over, if covered at all.

It got me thinking about whether or not there is potential for an "Essential Guide to Life on Earth" and how it might be implemented in countries where reading is a luxury, knowledge is lacking and surviving is improbable.

We can't fix everyone though and that mentality needs to end. We can't swoop in with our white savior, western ideology, foreign God missionary tactics and save the day. These people need the opportunity to save themselves. They need divergent thinking, design concepts and autodidactic learning to flourish in their communities.

Teach a person who embraces divergent thinking to fish.... and they'll design a fish trap so they can spend time facilitating other needs.....

They need unbiased (as much as possible) education, resources, and techniques. They need biocentric, biomimetic, humanistic, and scientific models of learning. They need access and supplies. They need us to remember that they are capable and like every other human with access to the collective understanding of mankind before us, have unlimited potential to achieve greatness.