Open Letters to the Bermuda Government & the Covid-19 Response Team

Please note you can find the links to scientific journals, peer reviewed papers and trustworthy sources with citations to these concerns in our updated blog on Covid-19 Facts.

The most important fact to remember is that we just don't know what we don't know about Covid-19.

Attempts were made to take minimum precautions necessary and (like almost EVERY other country) we too have now been forced to take extreme measures.

Let us be proactive not reactive moving forward. "Overreaction" and vigilance is the safest path to possible success.


April 13th 2020:

Premier Burt and Covid-19 Response Team, First, I'd like to thank you. Your rise to this occasion has been admirable. I can only imagine how difficult this has been for all of you.

I called for extreme measures early. Unfortunately, I was correct in our need of them. I ask you to please consider the following information and take steps to implement solutions that will protect us all.

  • Remove option for jail time by offenders of shelter in, quarantine and curfew (vast associated costs). Make fines so that they will be garnished from wages, restrict travel abroad beyond emergencies for years to come, or make offenders work to pick up trash (sentence by bag full), or other measurable public works of service.

  • Mitigate the dangers of failures in testing. There is a high rate of false negatives and tests are highly dependent upon viral load. This ultimately makes them unreliable and people who exhibit symptoms even with a negative test should isolate beyond 2 weeks.

  • The longest the virus has been observed to shed is 37 days... This is considerably longer than initially thought. Considering this fact in combination with failures in testing, specifically in reference to a diminishing viral load, it seems extending isolation for positive infections even beyond a negative test may be necessary.

  • Request survivors give blood even though we don't have the antibody test yet. Better to have in stock and avoid them needing to return to the hospital.

  • Deter people from talking to the regiment and police without necessity. Windows should be rolled up. License should be affixed to the window. With a note to say where the person is going.

  • Make masks mandatory for all enclosed spaces. or interacting with security, police or regiment officials.

  • Make it mandatory for Market Place to accept financial assistance for online ordering and allow pick up. Currently, people are forced to enter the store.

  • Make feeding cats an essential service. They become very aggressive and this will result in feeders or neighbors of stations being scratched and needing medical attention (has happened countless times).

  • Make it a crime to share misinformation or information that contains no link directly to a science journal source or peer reviewed paper without noting otherwise. Some countries have already implemented similar policies.

  • Make it crime to spit on the ground or deposit gum anywhere but in a garbage can.

  • Ban elderly care workers from grocery stores and pharmacies. Create a delivery system specifically for them. Allow them pick ups / deliveries only. Require them to wear a mask at all times around other people. Require them to isolate from family members.

  • Have Covid-19 facts delivered via cell phone text messages. This is emergency information just like a hurricane. Explain why it's not a flu. Explain you could lose your sense of smell permanently. Explain we don't know how long immunity lasts or for how many degrees of mutation. Explain it may or may not re-emerge in latent cells not dissimilar to HIV or Herpes. Explain that it's about protecting others. Explain we won't be able to live life normally until we have zero cases. Explain you could infect your pets. Explain we don't have 5g. ETC ETC ETC

  • Translate prioritized information for the Portuguese community.

  • Begin stockpiling staple, high calorie foods that keep - like potatoes, rice, squash, canned and frozen foods. A global food supply shortage is inevitable if this continues and there is no end in sight. Governments faced with poor and starving people will be less likely to export food products.

  • Make official teams dedicated to food security development an essential service. We could be working to build our infrastructure before it's too late for us to act. This will also mitigate our governmental costs in feeding people. Consolidated information, suggestions, team details and plans will be released publicly in the coming days on this blog. Government quarantine facility suggestions:

  • Implore guest houses to lend microwaves while their units are not occupied.

  • I am told they have no way to keep things cold. Is there a possibility to use coolers? Or can the mini fridges be emptied for their use?

  • Create a legally enforceable outline for behavior that a returning resident is required to sign in order to return home / a non-disclosure agreement concealing exact locations might have been necessary before but at this point, not applicable unless the facility is moved.

  • Require all returning residents wear masks once off the plane or boat during their transition to quarantine as well as when opening their doors to receive food and supplies.

  • Take steps toward a singular quarantine facility preferably (Grotto Bay). This will reduce likelihood of transmission during travel, cleaning and security. Quarantine may be required long term and the process of containment needs to be shored from every conceivable point of transmission so that we can trust in it completely.

  • Require cleaning staff be isolated on the quarantine property.


March 16th 2020:

My father being admitted to the hospital exposes severe gaps in preparedness at BHB. With continuous misinformation that Covid-19 is not airborne by droplets from talking without a mask, cannot be spread by people with no symptoms or making assumptions about how the virus sheds in each unique individual, how it mutates or its potential for reassortment and recombination, I felt it necessary to evaluate my experience in this blog.


March 19th 2020:

Government of Bermuda, I beg you, please:

  • Impose strict lock down to the greatest extent you are able. Social distancing does not go far enough and we do not have the time or capacity to take this risk. In addition, injuries and accidents are taking away precious medical resources and supplies that we might need in the week to come.

  • Tell the public that anyone who travelled in the last 2 weeks or will live with someone while they are quarantined, is considered to be in quarantine as well.

  • Tell the public they should cover their faces and behave as though they are already infected to reduce their droplets in the air around them. At home with family or outside. Droplets are thought to remain for 3 hours after turning aerosol.

  • Tell the public there is a high probability of asymptomatic community spread. There was a recorded instance of 5 asymptomatic out of 8 testing positives.

  • Tell the public there have been instances of false tests pointing to upper respiratory tract swaps not being sufficient in detection. Also, some people require multiple tests to turn positive, depending on where they are in the cycle as the viral load builds.

  • Tell the public asymptomatic confirmation is best done through CT scans which appear to show broken glass in the lungs and whether or not all tested negative have been cleared by CT scan.

  • Tell the public that we each have the potential to mutate this virus creating natural genetic drift and shift. This could make it possible for us to become reinfected with a new strain even immediately after recovery or make it harder for vaccination efforts down the line.

  • Tell the public that globally we do not comprehend this viral threat and our understanding of it has changed with each passing day.

  • Create a closed loop quarantine system that removes the risk of infection within families, apartment buildings, shared spaces / homes, etc. Put it in effect immediately.

  • Release a list of possibly affected public places, stores, etc that confirmed cases have been so that the public can assess their risk factor for self imposed quarantine.

Bermuda. We need to lock down to give us time to understand this. We might regret it if we don't. It is not worth the risk of life and continued spread. We might still be able to stop this. Please take every extreme action you are able to. We cannot educate our community on this fast enough. Share the knowledge. Turn the tides.

Most Sincerely & Forever Yours, Bermuda,

Tara Sapien

Environmental, Biomimetic & Functional Systems Designer

Community Activist



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