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New Ventures. New Horizons.

The pandemic has certainly provided a new perspective. I took the lull in business as a signal to diversify further, drawing lines to separate the various field I work in. As I continue to work toward even more comprehensive portfolios and launch new endeavors, I aim to do the things I love more, create passive income and invest further in my island home.

In the realm of creativity and design, I find I prefer working slow, over longer periods of time, building upon many projects simultaneously. As a polymath, I see how each of these elements feeds one another, constantly cross referencing and building bridges.

Going forward, Nidusa will act as La Garza's parent company, setting the structure which all of my projects and partnerships will fit within. You can check out everything I'm working on by visiting .

I'm always looking for new ways to partner and create art or develop solutions that tackle sustainability issues or entrepreneurial obstacles. If one of my projects interest you, please let me know how you might like to be involved!

Looking forward to new ventures and new horizons.

With Love,

Tara Sapien

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