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Free or Deferred Payment Services Offer to Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

These are difficult times and I know first hand what it's like to start a company from nothing, painstakingly learning every aspect and attempting to perfect it all while trying to stay focused on your company's main purpose or point of sale.

I am offering free entrepreneurial guidance, and severely reduced and/or deferred payments for architectural planning, design consulting, graphic design and web services for companies or initiatives that I believe in.

All you have to do is tell me a bit about what you're doing, we'll agree on a price and you can pay me off only when you start making money. See below for preferred companies.

I am working on a number of initiatives myself, so maybe there's the potential for joining forces.

The bottom line is.... I want to see a better Bermuda being built.

So tell me what you want to do and I just might help you do it for way less than anyone else will. You can check out my portfolios here.

Opportunities are limited. Email your submissions and be sure to follow the guidelines below.

Preference given to:

Social entrepreneurships

Co-operatives of all forms

Essential services

Agricultural initiatives

Food industry initiatives

Green energy initiatives

Environmental protection efforts

Cyclic systems and waste reduction

Companies that will export products from Bermuda


Not all of this will be relevant but I just want to know everything I can so I can help more efficiently.

  • If you require me to sign a non-disclosure agreement relating to your idea, please send that first and I will return it to you asap.

  • A CV explaining your background and skillset.

  • Links to your existing company.

  • The endgame vision you have for your idea.

  • A SWOT analysis of your idea.

  • Any business development or documentation you may have already.

  • An outline of how you intend to mitigate issues arising from the uncertainty of Covid19's conclusion.

  • A specific request for design and what you're looking for.