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Covid-19 Closure & Notes


Due to what we feel is a lack of appropriate response by the United States and the Bermuda government to the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic, La Garza will not open to the public until further notice.

We encourage you to shop online with island wide delivery and worldwide shipping.

We comprehend the nature of zoonotic viruses and know that the greatest threat to humanity is invisible. We see how education and consideration around these subjects is essentially non existent in our culture and we cannot take these sorts of risks serious enough.

If this was the practice test for humanity's response, we failed. The entitlement the world has displayed to continue life, business and travel plans has put millions of lives and trillions of dollars on the line.
If everyone took a page from countries that had early pandemic measures in place, we might have half a world functioning right now.

A few days ago, individuals came into the studio "straight off the plane" from New York. They expressed they had been met with a couple of questions and waived through. This is unacceptable when this outbreak is classified as a pandemic. This boutique is my home, my studio, a playground to my niece and I am in constant contact with my parents who are susceptible. My concern is not for myself.

We have written a comprehensive guide to understanding Covid-19. You can view it here.

While our business is suffering greatly in this time, we will be focusing on recovery response efforts, environmental design, web and graphic design projects.


Please feel free to offer Bermuda relevant information by messaging directly.

Please refrain from making statements without supporting evidence and links.