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Updated: Jan 27

UPDATE April 3. We all appear to be officially Covid-19 free. BHB has since accepted the science that this virus can remain airborne by droplets from talking and it's increasingly unknown potential effects. I do not have a first hand report of what they have implemented since the situation has worsened. Please contact me is you do.

UPDATE March March 24: He passed his 5 day median mark with no symptoms. We remain in quarantine from the rest of the family.

UPDATE March 18: My father is home safe a narrowly avoided a major surgery.

UPDATE March 16: My father does not have Covid-19. If you are spreading this misinformation, you obviously read none of my post and are the source of what I am trying to counter-act.

BHB Restricts visitors and takes further measures to reduce risks associated with Covid-19

Good to know about the installation of the tent, however, it is not all that separate from ER, it is immediately next to the CAT scan (necessary for Covid analysis but would be contaminated for other patients) and shares a hallway with other essentials.

Then, where will they put patients infected with Covid-19?

We are all at risk and all deserve the right to be fully informed. As an educated individual, I personally find being left in the dark anxiety inducing, especially when I can see clearly that steps are not being taken to the extent they should be.

UPDATE March 17: A woman (name currently unknown) from the Infectious Disease & Control Dept. entered my fathers room to reassure him. "They have everything under control", "it is not airborne", and there are "no confirmed cases" she said. Which is not necessarily true and even the WHO is considering airborne precautions for medical professionals. Nurses and doctors continue to stream into his room with zero concern for the fact they could already by asymptomatic carriers. I have requested my father wear a mask again (he couldn't previously because of a feeding tube). Extra precautions are not being taken with our elderly patients in the hospital.

All staff should assume they are asymptomatic carriers until they are tested.
All precautions should be taken with patients 65+
Mis-educating our people is what will cause panic. Get the facts straight. The most important one being : WE DON'T KNOW ENOUGH.


First, I must say that I write this at 2:34am, having just arrived home from hours at the hospital...

Please excuse any mistakes. But I feel I must post with no delay. This post will be ongoing and adding more subjects as I find relevant information. I encourage you to contribute by messaging me directly. It will take all of us to close the gaps in our pandemic response.

Today, I had to take my father to the hospital.... During my time there I was exposed to a lot and can only conclude how woefully ill prepared our medical professionals are in this looming situation.

We attended both the Southside urgent care center and King Edward memorial.

My father is not one to fully comprehend the possibilities of viral transmission. Luckily, I am and was able to provide him the protection he needed to ensure that this medical visit did not put him at unnecessary risk. Mostly, our experience was smooth... and normally, I'd have almost no complaints.... The doctors and most nurses were helpful and kind.. and we felt heard mostly. But... I must express these issues:

  • No one would answer the question "Are there active Covid-19 patients currently in the hospital. In my opinion, it is our right to know, especially when I don't see proper precautions being taken.

  • Only 15 staff members attended the Infection control and prevention. I'm perplexed by such a minimal number of participants.

  • The emergency Care unit at King Edward was at full capacity, despite there being no Covid-19 patients as of yet. This means, as I have expressed before, Bermuda has zero capacity to handle a pandemic health crisis. Injured people continued to stream in. When my father was finally admitted to a ward, I overheard the nurses talking about people in isolation, how they have no where to put anyone, ultimately, playing a game of Tetris to attempt to accommodate everyone.

  • Some nurses were visibly irritated with my precaution, some just confused, questioning us in every new interaction. During the standard questions of which I expected, they felt inclined to offer their medical advice which I now know to be incredibly detrimental to the containment of this pandemic. They went on to attempt to reassure me that there were no confirmed Covid-19 cases in Bermuda (....YET). Apparently completely unaware of the fact that we do not fully comprehend the nature of this virus, or its shedding, with a small study pointing to it being most contagious early contraction. Or that at this point we can't say concretely whether or not there are no cases on the island due to our governments' inaction and reckless event organizers (Triple Challenge) who have put us in contact with people arriving not far from active containment zones. Nor can we say whether or not are medical professionals on the front line are all clear. Only time and testing will tell. Neither of which we have right now.

  • When checking him in, I was forced to pick up a phone to communicate with the receptionist. The only way I could hear her was to physically put the phone to my ear. I was the only one during my time there to disinfect it.

  • None of the triage nurses wore a mask while they were checking in my father. Despite the fact that they were in breathing proximity to him. I had proper seal masks that I use for work in my studio and demanded that he keep his on at all times.

  • At both locations they required his temperature and used a manual thermometer to take it. It seems absurd that neither of these locations we're equipped with a digital thermometer. During this time the nurse again was in breathing proximity to him and he was forced to remove his mask.

  • They also required him to put his finger in 3 separate oximeter monitors. From what I could see, this is not disinfected between triage patients. Here you can find a patent solution, which also notes issues with spreading infection. I don't think a glove can be used but fingers could be disinfected prior.

  • I had to push aggressively to ensure that all personnel entering his room would put on a mask. Especially after he was fitted with a stomach tube and could no longer wear his mask, I was adamant. I think eventually, they realized how difficult I would be if they did not meet my requests. In addition, I encouraged my father to demand it as well.

  • UPDATED: The nurses refused to wear masks when interacting with my father even though they couldn't know if they were infected or not. My father is 65 and may be undergoing a major surgery in the coming days. If he were to contract Covid-19 prior to that, surely he would not survive. About wearing masks: Please see our consolidated information here.

  • I have my doubts to what extent the room has been cleaned prior to us being called in, with plastic tubes littering the floor and some blood (pictured below). This is minor in comparison to the rest but it still made me wonder what pandemic protocols are in place.

  • There was not a single person in the waiting room while I was there (17 people, mostly over 60) that didn't rub their eyes and touch their mouth before proceeding to touch the chair arm rests (which weren't cleaned and disinfected while I was there.)

My father and family still await news of whether he will be forced to have a serious surgery that could keep him in the hospital for the coming weeks in recovery....

Just when we thought things couldn't get any more uncertain....

It is long past the time to close our borders and quarantine measures should include EVERYONE POSSIBLE because of the carelessness that has run rampant, and obliviousness the average person to how they contribute to viral spread.
Today, March 16, college students will return home to parents. Legally binding quarantine should include their entire household and anyone who makes contact.

This all has given me an entirely new perspective...

If you thought I was determined and comprehensive before... Hold my beer.

Signing off.... for now. 4:06am

Back to what hopefully won't be the frontlines in the morning....

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