Altering Career Trajectories - Facing Facts for my Fellow Entrepreneurs & the Freshly Unemployed

I know we're all struggling in our own ways; all on our own journeys, together alone.

I've managed to keep it in perspective mostly because I know I'm one of the lucky ones. But...

Make no mistake: I have been driven to lunacy in here, cried, grieved, laughed, and screamed.

and in all that I was forced to come to a logical conclusion.

I need to accept the most likely realities about this pandemic's global effects, reassess my career, and diversify further.

I have to let go of what I spent 7 years building with every last ounce of me.... at least for now.

and here's why....


When Bermuda will lift it's regulations we just don't know. The grocery stores are still excessively utilized and there are apparently some gaps in the quarantine system but...

Plan for the possibility it lifts in the summer, are you ready to shift into high gear if this is possible, to make the most from your efforts? How can you be more ready? What you don't use soon, you'll use eventually.

Tourism is not coming back this year. It may come back next summer but it will still be severely reduced as a result of job losses, stigma around cruises and traveling,

Do you have the potential to work in another field? Is it possible for you to use this time to study something that might be a more financially viable option? Can you diversify your income to move beyond tourism?

Our Government is broke and so are we. Something has to give. We are amid the beginning of what is likely the greatest recession of all time... If not a looming depression.

Without tourism a chunk of our economy, the potential for severe job losses in the corporate sector, and a country already drowning in debt, we face compounding realities. We have to do everything to conserve what we can (that includes power), localizing the economy and resources to every extent we're able is our best chance to survive and thrive in the face of this. The more money we keep on island, the better.

How can you invest in a local company? Can you create a company or service to fill a common need? I believe that SEED's proposal to hold a small portion of our payroll tax on island for local investment will be vital and it has to be done quickly.

Corporate jobs that seem safe, aren't necessarily.

In a global recession or depression, a lot of people lose their jobs. Some economists think it will bounce right back. Others say this will be a slow recovery. Or that it will just mold to our current predicament, less business air travel, door delivery, and home offices as a normality.

Are you ready for that possibility? How can you be?

Now may be the time to start a new business, specifically, a co-operative business or join a team already working towards this.

If you're interested in starting a company, I will be offering my services for barter / no money upfront / until you start making money for endeavors that will benefit Bermuda in these coming months. I will also be holding request for partnerships to expand on my ideas. Bermuda is prime for co-operative structures. There are co-op teams forming for food, art, and more. Contact us to learn more.

With limited money circulating locally, it's important that we export product. Whether that's goods, or our labor.

Can you adjust your services to target a more international clientele? Can you have your products available online (Offering free advice to a limited amount of companies) ? Apply for jobs on hustle sites like 5er, Upwork, Crowdspring, Freelancer, Gig Bucks or global organizations that operate online.

A global food shortage was likely even before this. I know it didn't seem like it but it's just because we starve and enslave the people along the way to get it. Bermuda has no food security. As countries come screeching to a halt, production, sorting, packaging and shipping cease or at least slow down. The affect on this global chain is potentially volatile and immeasurable but we know if circumstances continue, inevitable.

This is why I've decided to focus my efforts on food security. You can be involved just by having your own garden (working on sponsorships and more) but help is needed for larger scale projects. Contact to join the team.

We have to take the steps we can early because there may not be time later. Just as quickly as this unfolded. The next part to happen might happen faster. You should never be done learning.

What can you study? What can you learn? Below is a list of resources. Almost everything you want to learn is on the internet. You just have to know how to look and have the discipline to utilize it. Resources below.

You're expenses are probably higher than they need to be.

Can you lower your phone, internet, power bill, advertising, web fees? Can you suspend your business and therefore your taxes for the upcoming quarter while we wait to see what will happen? (You need to do this right away by contacting here - be sure to provide your # id.)

I can't express how much I want to be wrong.... I want to be an over-reactor.... but equally, I want to be prepared if I'm not and I think a lot of you feel the same. Now is the time to embrace smart opportunities and expand our knowledge.


Bermuda Governmental Resources:

The Department of Workforce Development- Provides support and online training for anyone who is considering a career change or is interested in learning new skills. Persons can complete an online career assessment which measures aptitude and interest. The results can be used to make informed choices about careers and to help with educational planning. If you are interested in completing a Careerscope Online Assessment send an email You will receive a link and instructions to get started.

Workforce development also offers free online tutorials in Microsoft Suite and many more using IBM Kenexa, Proveit!, IBM Kenexa, has many online tutorials and assessments which can be tailored to the individuals needs as you look to retool and enhance your skills. Use the same email address above for instructions to get started.

If you are interested in learning more about FinTech, there are free online courses that are available for Bermudians. Those are available at

Bermuda Economic Development Corporation-

Offered a wide variety of resources, including those for co-operative structures. They also offer micro loans, guarantees, duty deferment and more. Be sure to get in touch if you're thinking of launching something.

Free Online Resources:

Everything you want to know is on the internet. Maybe it's a specific program? Maybe it's a whole new career? Maybe you're expanding on what you already know?

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