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Altering Career Trajectories - Facing Facts for my Fellow Entrepreneurs & the Freshly Unemployed

I know we're all struggling in our own ways; all on our own journeys, together alone.

I've managed to keep it in perspective mostly because I know I'm one of the lucky ones. But...

Make no mistake: I have been driven to lunacy in here, cried, grieved, laughed, and screamed.

and in all that I was forced to come to a logical conclusion.

I need to accept the most likely realities about this pandemic's global effects, reassess my career, and diversify further.

I have to let go of what I spent 7 years building with every last ounce of me.... at least for now.

and here's why....


When Bermuda will lift it's regulations we just don't know. The grocery stores are still excessively utilized and there are apparently some gaps in the quarantine system but...

Plan for the possibility it lifts in the summer, are you ready to shift into high gear if this is possible, to make the most from your efforts? How can you be more ready? What you don't use soon, you'll use eventually.

Tourism is not coming back this year. It may come back next summer but it will still be severely reduced as a result of job losses, stigma around cruises and traveling,

Do you have the potential to work in another field? Is it possible for you to use this time to study something that might be a more financially viable option? Can you diversify your income to move beyond tourism?