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We can assist you in making your dreams a reality with innovative design solutions and intelligent environmental design.


We coordinate with you and industry professionals to ensure a project remains within outlined budgets and time constraints.


We provide payment plans for design services and construction, allowing you the flexibility to build your dreams today.


Our team of qualified construction professionals produces at the highest standard within structured timing and budgets.


Learn more about how we can take your project from conception to completion with minimal upfront costs and no hassle to you.


A dangerous spiral stair redesigned into a winder, providing safe access between floors and a solution to longstanding issues of severely lacking space and innovative solutions.

The Webbers had struggled for years with their quirky staircase. Caring for their son who has special needs and grandparents who visit often meant they had to find a solution. 

3 architects attempted but none could produce anything that was feasible. 

Luckily, I was able to help them find a solution and take the project from inception to completion. 



- Stair Completed. Kitchen expansion / Upper floor remodel in approvals.


When the landlords at our original location couldn't renew our lease, we were faced with being homeless. Luckily, Neil Moncrieff, a resident and major investor in the Town allowed me to renovate a space in a a building he owned to create our fantastic store front, home, and fabrication studio. 

While we're still under construction, taking it from the empty shell it was has been a massive undertaking but having this space to create is bliss and worth every ounce of stress. Come visit us! 


Along side Strativist, La Garza designed the interior of Chewstick's new Front St. location.  As an arts and culture community hub, we designed with universal accessibility,  functionality and flexibility in mind, this space was intended to accommodate all of Chewstick's varied and evolving needs. 


We are very sad to report that Chewstick was severely affected in a fire just a short time after obtaining their liquor license. They have lost its main revenue source and all of their physical assets. Chewstick needs support to continue our mission to empower storytelling, creative expression and social justice to enrich youth, arts, culture and community. Please donate to assist them in recovering.


Yoga studio plans and approval for the new yoga studio located in St. George, Bermuda. 

We're excited to see the amazing things they'll be doing out of this fantastic space located right in the heart of the town. The potential is truly unlimited with this water side gem. 

Stop in through the alley way and check out the cute coffee van parked around back. Enjoy the view and your coffee in this artsy escape just off the main strip. 


As part of a team of design consultants, I assisted in the revitalization of Tobacco Bay. This included mock ups, sourcing for needs and materials, initial site management and coordinating with the Parks Department for the  site proposals.

We're thrilled to see another St. George's classic succeeding with their fresh start! Wishing them the best as they move into the next phases!

See what Tobacco Bay has to offer!


Fire & Ice was a garden escape designed to be utilized year round in the heart of Toronto's China Town suburbs. 

The statement pagoda design encloses guests in the winter with heat emanating from the table's central fire element. Heated elements set beneath the slate floor and drainage to melt away the snow feed a solar heated koi pond. 

Juniper trees stay green year round while the rich colors of Japanese maple and the floral sakura tree provide ever changing displays.


A theoretical project developed for my BA of Environmental Design thesis. Inspired by the blurring of the senses, the mechanics of the brain and the extreme polarities and inconsistencies that can arise.

A multi-disciplinary artistic residence, conservatory and recording space bringing together a range of mediums both audio and visual in nature. Designed as a social entrepreneurship and community space, it aimed to utilize an existing building effectively while simplifying additions to the property by use of modular structures. 

Located in Ferry Reach, Bermuda, this project focused on efficient, universal design that examined compact living space, extreme climate design and rhythmic elements.

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